10 thousand civilians have fled to eastern Aleppo

Aleppo, about 10 thousand civilians from the eastern district government and the Kurdish-controlled area of ​​Sheikh Maqsud fled.

Witten-based human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday, since Saturday night till Sunday about 10 thousand civilians have fled from the east of Aleppo. ”

He’s the finest makasude gone at least 6 thousand people. The rest took refuge in Aleppo, the government-controlled areas.

Government forces have taken control of the area the weekend of 6 occupied by the rebels in the eastern city of Aleppo. Government forces in Syria’s second city on Sunday to strengthen the campaign to reconquer the large number of people to leave their homes to flee for his life.

East Aleppo for months blocked nearly two lakh 50 thousand people are in acute shortage of food and fuel.

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