two-point-zero in a terrible Akshay!

Tamil superstar Rajnikanth tied jumti working with Akshay Kumar. The name of the film ‘zero-point’. Luke went public image fast. Akshay one awesome!

Popular ‘enathirana “the film starring Akshay sikyuyele the carrier in the last 5 years he has not done that. Akshay Kumar has informed the fans.

“Two Point Zero ‘negative film starring Akshay. Her appearance in the film as a little crow. The attacks shattered the audacious character of flying to other characters in the film.

Many people were surprised to see the film first look. If that were not part of karai difficult to understand that they recognize the Akshay Kumar. Akshay different kind of strange to know all there is to experience. That makeup. Heavy makeup, the character has to take a photo with him. Which he did in the last 5 years.

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