1800 kg of crab money

A little larger crabs are being sold at Tk 1800 to 1200. Sundarbans area surrounding the cost is being sold locally harvested crab gher said. Crab farming has changed the fate of many people. Therefore, the number of farmers is increasing day by day in the forest area around the crabs.

Although there is little demand in the market in the region, produced crabs are exported abroad. Traders said the surrounding area, long a large crabs are being sold here from 1200 to 1800 rupees per kg. But the same size shrimp being sold at only 600 to 800.

Over the years, many shrimp gher formed in the perimeter of the crab-fattening. Ghers into the water with the crab fries. As a result, the price of shrimp and crab fry is not bought.

Most of the time small crabs were brought from the Sundarbans. They were released after ghers crab. Lean back 0-5 days later it was sold. Ghers crab virus usually does not attack. Therefore, there is the risk of investment.

The big crab caught in the Sundarbans, which is directly exported. Crab fishermen for the first two spines and feet tied. Arate then select the size of the export. Kamkarai living abroad are exported.

Crab cultivation, harvesting and selling of people now Dakop lakhakhaneka. 50 lakh per village maukhali the crab is sold.

Dakop crab from different parts of the aviation market Arate brought. It means the market is now more crab than shrimping in the warehouse, and the agency is increasing every year. However, with fish and crabs prraya the markets are now being sold.
Running on the market before the couple was one of the two warehouses. The agency is now 14-15.

Crab is quite profitable business. Sundarbans, the world needs more crab. Farmers in the area are quickly benefit crab fattening. On behalf of crab has been training in order to improve farming. The government is thinking about new thinking.

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