36 million and 1 million will be distributed free textbooks

Between primary and secondary-level students in the next 8 years, 36 million and 1 million 45 thousand seats will be distributed free textbooks.

National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) to prepare and distribute these books are going forward. They are already more than 0 million books reached the level corresponding to the destination.

NCTB chairman Narayan Chandra Saha, pre-primary, primary, secondary, vocational SSC, ibatedayi, Dakhil and vocational submitted, and ethnic and visually impaired 4 million to 6 million 35 thousand 929 people in the book will be distributed among students.
He said, on January 1 of the new (017) on the first day of the academic books, these books will be given to the students through the festival.

About 60 percent of the total book of more than 0 million books have already been given specific destination, he said, the remaining 16 million books in 17 countries in December reached remote areas of the district and upazila level will be given to the police.
Chairman, creative approach to reduce the complexity of teachers to guide and help support education for the first time has created. The book follows the teachers to teach the creative process, and they will also benefit from the creation of the question.
He said the primary level for teachers ‘medical guidelines titled 1 of 4 and 60 million secondary-level teachers’ teachers and curriculum guide titled “46 lakh 66 thousand 664 books have been prepared.
Referring to the distribution of free textbooks to the government, the chairman of the government’s landmark decision in the student dropout rate is decreasing every year and increase the number of students from primary to secondary level is all about class.

He said the teachers guide and help you follow education, then students will not have difficulty in understanding the creative process. It becomes more fun classes to students. He hoped that the attendance will increase.

NCTB chairman said, the pre-primary level 3 lakh 6 thousand 864 students of 1 million to 5 million in 5 of the 86 cases, initial (Bengali and English version), level two crore 17 lakh 1 thousand 129 students, 10 million to 5 million 36 thousand 797 cases , secondary (Bengali and English version) level 1 million to 0 million 58 thousand 268 students 17 crore 68 lakh 30 thousand 368, ibatedayi and Dakhil 53 lakh 57 thousand 1 students 5 crore 71 lakh 97 thousand 855, technical trading levels two lakh 10 thousand 775 students, 9 to 1 million 110 thousand, the small ethnic groups of the 4 641 students, 51 of the 782 seats for the visually impaired and 1 for 9 thousand 703 thousand 231 students across print and Braille books have been obstacles.

He consistently all the books being specific destination. All books will be delivered by December 17 at the school level.

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