5 thousand to 3 thousand taka ilish fish

A lot of reading to catch the fish of the sea and the river has increased the capital supply warehouses and retail markets. Aratadarara say, two weeks ago, one of the four large size of the fish sold at 4-5, but now less than 3. Apart from the relatively low price of fish wholesale buyers and retailers are rushing to the capital.

Hilsa fish being one of the biggest warehouses in the capital Kawranbazar rampant here.

Hilsa four weeks ago that there was a 5 per thousand, it is now being sold at 3 thousand.

Traders are selling madhyasattbabhogi little to gain from buying agency.

Retail prices are relatively low because the consumer has Arate Karwan Bazar.

According to experts, the river was navigable loss and pollution due to the reduced number of Hilsa. However, increasing the number of Hilsa abhayasramasaha steps taken by the government.

Roaming the fish started to return to the old places again, he said.

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