A new milestone in the advancement of digital Smart

A new milestone in the advancement of digital smartcard. Twenty-two of these cards are being added to the service partner.

41 a citizen of this vast storehouse of information containing data on the server being submitted to the Election Commission. However, the country’s nearly 10 million people, analysts’ve always wondered about the safety of the storage of information. However, smartcard project director said, all measures to prevent data theft or misuse has been kept.

In order to build the digital world is constantly competed with various challenges, the government has taken. Government and private institutions are being digitalized, thereby increasing the quality of services.

Meanwhile, the ICT sector of the country to move forward as a reward innovative digital revolution and the IT advisor to Prime Minister’s son has earned Joy ICT for Development Award.

Digital Bangladesh is now to go ahead and act smart national identity. Every citizen has a rich database of the Election Commission reserved. But the preservation of large data storage capacity of the Election Commission has questioned the researcher.

However, the security of the citizens of 3 levels of data security features have been added to 5 smart national ID card project director says.

If every citizen within the period specified by the smart card to be a role model in the world, the official claimed.

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