All offices peparalesa progress: finance minister

Finance Minister AMA Muhith said the government in the next two years, all transactions can be peparalesa. All government institutions to create peparalesa office said that the current government is working.

On Sunday, Prime Minister’s Office oleander sebabhukti on the financial activities of the “Digital Payments for Digital Bangladesh: Building an Ecosystem for All” as the chief guest at the inaugural session of the workshop, he said.

Access to Information Prime Minister’s Office (Access) program and the United Nations-led workshop was held at the Better Than Cash ayalayensera jointly.

The workshop Division Additional Secretary (Budget -1) M Muslim Chowdhury, director general of the Prime Minister’s Office (Administration) and the Access to Information Program Project Director Kabir Bin Anwar, UNDP Country Director and the Better Than Cash Alliance managing director of a group Mukherjee said. Ruth gadaoina greoyena were present as special guests.

The coalition led by the United Nations’ Better Than Cash Alliance “by the” Payment Ecosystem Diagnostic Report 016 “is the title of a research report. How to report the financial sebabhukti digital payments, economic growth, and it has been shown to help reduce costs. The report has shown that in the last 011 Mobile Financial Services in Bangladesh since the annual growth rate of almost 120 per cent of the transaction. In only one of the 015 billion digital transaction is completed, which is worth a total of around $ 0 billion.

The report for the successful introduction of digital payments at all levels have been given to the 3: Be sure to use at all levels of the national ID card, a tailored digital payment policies, to increase public awareness about digital payments.

According to the report, the practice of using electronic payments into the social security sector, 10 percent in the year to reduce costs.

Referring to a study by the McKinsey Institute geabala is, the world of digital transactions by 2025 nearly 3 trillion US dollar GDP growth of 7 percent to 95 million new jobs in all sectors and areas will create. The new economic system, as well as 1 percent to 6 billion people will be added kathamobhittika and developing countries will reduce the cost of US $ 110 billion annually.
It is easy to implement Vision 2021, to ensure that all forms of harassment and quickly sebaprapti citizens to provide financial services to the digital system 015 June 3, Better Than Cash Alliance coalition led by the government of Bangladesh to the United Nations, was included as a member of the country. Currently, all types of domestic and international remittances, and digital e-commerce payment system for all types of public-private partnership initiative and the necessary financial services in the country through a large number of people the government is working to create the necessary infrastructure to bring it under.

Better Than Cash Alliance’s managing director said. Greoyena gadaoina Ruth said, “The government’s successful leadership and innovative public-private sector initiatives in Bangladesh due to the fastest time of the digital future is the way forward”.

Access to Information Policy Advisors anira Chowdhury said, “As a middle-income country that our government’s efforts to build a digital society epitha sides of the same coin, whose sole aim is to ensure inclusive growth.

Access to the workshop program, Better Than Cash Alliance, UNDP, USAID, iuenasidiepha, banks, mobile operators, government and non-government organizations, civil society, international organizations and high-level policy makers to promote digital payment paddhatikaranake discussed and media workers were also present.

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