Aquatic dream with tears in her eyes water daughter 5

Weeping cakes. Do not cry, do not necessarily mean the pain. Some are ananderao tears. Was the cry as rikako ikira. This is taking place at the Olympics was happily girl swimmer who broke down in tears. The view that the Japanese seem to have a separate place. Rio swimming pool water, water with joy in the eyes of some of the show that’s going to fly with dreams of 16-year-old iki.

199 in the Barcelona Olympics, 14-year-old girl won the hearts of the Japanese kaiko ioyasaki overnight. Brestastroke won swimming gold. Ikira the same dream. Ioyasakira like he wants to get the Olympics in the history of Japan.

Iki seven swimming events at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro to take part. Japanese swimmer of his appearance, but wondered storm. Singapore last year’s World Junior swimmer won gold in the 50 and 100 meter butterfly event attracted everyone’s attention. Earlier this year, the 100-meter freestyle with a height iki himself timing is less than 54 seconds. Japanese women swimmers in the first 54 seconds less than ikii timing has left the fuss. Rio wants to keep the consistency of the performance, “I’d like to go down to the pool at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro since its peak physically and mentally.”

The trials were tears in his emotion was pride. Iki feel so proud to be able to give a gift to the people of the country at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro? Iki said, “I’m sure Rio will not be facing such feelings. Yet thought about it. “Paradata the expectations of the people would be a little namiyei. But I think the dream that drew quite understood.

The girl cried cakes confused emotions of the Olympic Games take place, if there’s anything left of iki? Swimming pool a little increase in the amount of water alone! Source: AFP.

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