Commerce minister hopes to increase trade relations with the US government

Bangladesh’s trade and economic relations with the new government of the United States hoped that would increase Ahmed Commerce.

He said the United States under the program in the first 100 days of President-elect tipipi Trump announced the cancellation of the contract. Bangladesh business to benefit from the rule tipipi habetipipi paripanthitipipi the basic principles of the WTO rule will increase the trade with the United States.

US Ambassador to the secretariat on Sunday marsiya Bernicat matabinimayasese Bloom told the reporters.

Ahmed said Bangladesh to boost trade co-operation agreement signed with the US TICFA. Bangladesh has not yet TICFA benefits. TICFA were supposed to be held in December, now meeting in March or April, will be held at a convenient time.

He said the United States in the last fiscal year, Bangladesh exported goods worth US $ 622064 million, at the same time imported goods worth $ 1006.10 million. The trade surplus of US $ 521455 million.

The lion’s share of apparel exports to the US market. Readymade garments before the United States would not let any of GSP. Only wood, plastic, ceramics, table ware and leather bags upana GSP exports were, it was very small total exports.

Commerce said the workers’ rights, safety etc. iuesatiarera Bangladesh successfully met the condition for political reasons, but only a small amount of GSP facility to Bangladesh has been postponed. Bangladesh now there is no reason to revoke the order to suspend the GSP.

US Ambassador to the United States in connection with the new government will continue the ongoing trade and economic relations. Through negotiations, both economic

He expressed the hope that further activities will be increased.
In response to a question, Ambassador of Bangladesh’s progress in meeting the conditions of 16 to iuesatiarera father is very satisfied.

Senior Secretary at the Ministry of Commerce Hedayetullah Al Mamun and Additional Secretary (FTA) said. Islam were present.

Source: AFP

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