Congo militia attack kills 34 civilians

The volatile east of the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday, at least 34 civilians have been killed in ethnic violence.

Joan bokele local officials initially reported 34 civilians were killed in the attack. He said the majority Hutu ethnic luhanga Nanded village militias attacked a refugee camp.

Bokele “They ephaearadisi (DR Congo army) to attack US targets in the first place. At one point a group of other militias sharp weapons and gun attacks on the civilian population indiscriminately killing them. ”

He said the Mai-Mai ethnic militia groups Nanded majembe carried out the attack. One of the attackers was killed in the collision.

The volatile east of the ownership of the land, mineral resources and ethnic conflicts in Nanded and the Hutu ethnic group of nearly two decades of conflict and tensions are high.

Source: AFP

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