Dorin power declared dividend of 30%

Jenaresanasa darina Power Systems Ltd and listed companies The Board of Directors has declared a dividend of 30 per cent. The company’s Board of Directors has declared dividends at the October meeting. Between 0 percent and 30 percent cash dividend and 10 percent bonus.
On June 30, the 016-year-old finished the calculation of the dividend has been declared as the audited financial report.

However, 10 per cent of the total cash dividend of just ordinary shareholders will receive dividends. And everyone will be 0 percent.

This has been the company’s earnings per share or EPS of 64 paise. The next NAV has punarmulyayana 34 paise to 34 rupees. The actual asset value, or NAV per share of the company at the time of the previous punarmulyayana was 4 rupees 67 paise.

December 18 will be held at the company’s annual general meeting, or AGM. The record date has been announced for 13 November.

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