England has been pressing India

At the end of the second day of the Test tour of England in Visakhapatnam, India has been pressing. Team India scored 455 in their first innings is able to. The 103 runs for 5 wickets in their first innings, England by the end of the day. As a result, at the end of the day 35 runs with 5 wickets in hand, England is lagging behind.

The start of the second day’s play at 317 for 4, India. Rabicandrana the captain Virat Kohli and Ashwin 1 151 began to run. Three of the four killed at the beginning of the day to run faster Kohli hinted. But Kohli 167 runs ahead of England’s off-spinner Moeen Ali did. Kohli smashed 267 from 18 balls in his knock.

Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja dismissed after Saha Saha India wicketkeeper Moin spell of his own. 4 hundred fold down to create a path to India Moin. Moin and efficiently deal with the Indian bowlers, but England scored 4 billion was passed down to play his debut Jayant Yadav and Ashwin. 64-run partnership for the eighth wicket Ashwin and Jayant.

The pair broke the 427-run Ashwin-Jayant England pacer Ben Stokes. Eighth and fourth half-century in Tests against England by 58 runs in the Ashwin stop. 6 fours in his 95-ball knock was.

Ashwin returned, took charge of the first-class cricket for India to withdraw innings double-century owner Jayant two centuries. But he could not stay for long. Jayantha scored 35 off 84 balls, 3 fours.

India added 15 runs for the last wicket partnership of 455 runs to Umesh Yadav and Mohammad Sami. India ended the innings of 13 runs umesake England leg-spinner Adil Rashid. Anderson and Moin took 3 wickets.
India bowled out in their innings before tea on the third over of England lost captain Cook ayalistara. Cook was bowled by Mohammad Sami in two runs. The situation

He handled Hasib Hamid and Joe Root made his debut in the previous match.
It was set to run for a little time rutai. Hamid was assisted corner. In the meantime, reached England by 51 runs. However, with the wrong route run out bujhabujhite phameda Hamid confirmed the bidayata own. He scored 13 in 50 balls.
Then again, Ben daketake innings was manoyogi merameta route. The board runs comfortably uthachilo England. But to run effortlessly became an obstacle to India’s R Ashwin. 7. The party runs from 7 Root daketa and guided pavilion, England Ashwin pushes off the back foot.

More pressure then fell off the back foot to go to England. Moeen wickets for 80 runs in his debut match party Jayant down. Route 53, daketa 5 and scored 1 Moin.

After losing five wickets for 80 runs for the sixth wicket to finish the rest of the Stokes and wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow without danger. 1 of the two unbeaten run. England ended the day 103 runs and 5 wickets. Ashwin took two wickets for 0 runs.
Brief scores (second day):

India: 455/10, over 1294 (167 Kohli, Pujara 119, Ashwin 58, 362 Anderson).

England: 103/5, 49 overs (Route 53, Hamid 13, Ashwin 220).

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