Enrique optimistic about Messi

Barcelona’s star striker Lionel Messi is confident about his relationship with the club, but do not be too confident in Barcelona boss Luis Enrique.

Catalan club president Josep Maria bartameu had assured the media on Thursday, 9-year-old Messi will end his career at Camp Nou. Although the club has only 18 months of his term.

Enrique says support issue, I think it will continue for a long time relationship with Messi, Barcelona. It is a player very happy for the child to leave his country for the team that had a chance to end the club’s career.

There is no doubt that Messi is the greatest player of Barcelona. That’s why the club wants to give him the chance. That’s what I believe.

Meanwhile, Brazilian star Neymar has increased with Barcelona contract until 2021. The other star Luis Suarez is also in this list. Above all, however, deal with Messi is now the subject of discussion. Enrique deal even if negotiations had started.

Enrique current contract with the club after the season is going to end. Under the Catalans won eight of his last two seasons, but has indicated a lack of interest in renewing the contract with Enrique. Enrique himself in this regard can not be too confident.

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