Everything necessary for the welfare of the freedom fighters: PM

The greatest event in the history of the liberation war of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called freedom fighters and their successors reiterated his thanks to all of the requirements.

The Prime Minister, through the bloody war of Bangladesh in the world map as an independent and sovereign state to be known. Despises his own life in 1971, war heroes and freedom fighters bikrame gave us a sovereign country. … So we will do everything necessary for the welfare of the freedom fighters and their successors. ”
Radhanamantri Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka Cantonment marking the Armed Forces Day 2016 sresthaganera legacy of heroes and freedom fighters, said at the reception ceremony.
Principal Staff Officer of Armed Forces Division Lieutenant General Mohammad. Rahman delivered the welcome speech.

Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Haque, PM’s Defence Adviser Major General (Retd.) Tariq Ahmed Siddique, Chief of Army Staff General Abu Belal Muhammad Shafiul Huq, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Nizamuddin Ahmed and Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Abu Esrar and high civil and military officers were also present on the occasion.

The Prime Minister and other khetabapraptaganera between 7 birasresthara inheritance credentials, shawls and mobile tabbed royalty checks and distributed gifts.

The 5 army officers for war and peace time military medals and heroic role Osmani service medal.

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said she sbajanaharadera sadness understand.

Chest pain without holding sbajanaharadera has been working for the welfare of the people of this country, the Prime Minister said.
The Prime Minister, to restore the dignity of the nation and the heroic fighters of the highest recognition of their contributions to our government is working continuously. The valiant freedom fighters and their successors, the government has implemented a lot of opportunities. There are many proposals and projects to enable us to consider.

The amount of monthly honorarium nine freedom fighters’ money gradually increased to ten thousand rupees has been upgraded to the Prime Minister, the number of pension beneficiaries has increased to one million to two million.
He said, for the great contribution to the independence heroic freedom fighters allowances 676 016 since January, thirty thousand rupees, respectively, for liberation, for the twenty-five thousand rupees uttamadera heroes, heroes bikramadera fifteen thousand to twenty thousand rupees and the money has been raised for pratikadera heroes. Many kinds of freedom fighters, the families of the martyred freedom fighters lowest monthly honorarium of the state œ maximum of eighteen thousand dollars has increased at a rate of up to thirty thousand rupees.

201617 martyrs and fighters of the current fiscal year allowances, medical costs two thousand four hundred and eighty-seven and the ration of fifteen lakh crore has been allocated.

The Prime Minister said the spirit of the Liberation War, the flow of the history and tradition of the freedom fighters to raise the next generation of talented children and support them in their studies and to inspire the next generation of Bangladesh Freedom Fighters Welfare Trust ‘Bangabandhu student scholarships, “has launched. On the war inside the country, PhD, has been providing to the full.

Sheikh Hasina said the country’s liberation war affairs ministry initiative for the rehabilitation of freedom fighters authorship of land and construction of housing for insolvent freedom fighters’ 7 crore 97 lakh has been allocated to the project. The major project to build 2971 new housing has been provided. Meanwhile, approval has been given for the construction of 2493 units. Construction work has been completed units in 1722. The construction of 694 units is underway.

“Freedom of the district complex of buildings on the project bastabayanadhina the Prime Minister, for the freedom of this project will be built in each district. Meanwhile, 43 districts fighters construction of the building complex has been completed and handed over.

He said that in July 1078 a total of 013 crore Freedom 422 upazilas building complexes have been undertaken. Under the project, the construction work of the building complex has been completed already 161 fighters. Construction work is underway at 69. The process is underway to start construction of the remaining buildings.

The Prime Minister said on the occasion of Armed Forces Day, valiant freedom fighters and their successors today Joins this beautiful morning I am delighted to come close. As head of government for the benefit of our valiant freedom fighters and their successors, some of which need to express my firm conviction.

He said, the freedom fighters and their successors opportunities to award the Armed Forces, I would like to thank all concerned departments.

The Prime Minister, this is a great day organized by the Armed Forces of the freedom fighters living in the midst of the Armed Forces, I am delighted to distribute identity cards. This is the identity of the Bangladesh Railway and Inland Water Transport ferries and BR

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