Facebook buys 600 million shares buyback

Baibyake 600 million dollars from investors to buy shares in Facebook and social media. Suddenly, after the collapse of the market, the company’s Board of Directors decided on.

CNBC reported.

Common shares sold to investors by the company baibyaka punahkrayai.

According to the US capital market regulator Securities and Exchange Commission, 017 in the first quarter of the shares will be purchased. Facebook’s board of directors announced the repurchase of shares of $ 600 million.

However, the purchase of shares or how long the last time when it was informed.

The news value of the company’s shares rose 1 percent nasadake last working day.

This year, the company’s growth targets will not be able to meet the company’s shares in the past few days, the price is reduced by up to 8 percent. Jakarabargake are costing 300 million dollars in a single day, the founder of Facebook.

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