Family members think that the patients:PM urges to doctors

Medical profession is a great mission, referring to the prime minister as a member of his immediate family, care for each patient with the physician providing medical services to the community urged. “The medicine is not just a profession, it is a great mission, and the dedication and talent specialists were applied. The need to create services for the state. Each patient served as his own family, thought to be a member. ”

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday afternoon in the Hotel Radisson bluute ‘Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of Asia (etisiesae) 6 th Annual Conference as the chief guest at the inaugural speech said.

Health and Family Welfare Minister Mohammad Nasim, was present as the special guest. Eminent cardiac surgeon Dr. Asit Baran entitled presided over the function.
Among others etisiesae president said. Jerado manjo and Secretary General Prof Kamrul Hasan spoke.

Doctors and medical care, as well as the Prime concentrate on research work earnestly urged to continue smoothly.
The Prime Minister said, “not just the medical facility will be reduced by increasing the mortality rate of heart disease. Why are so many people in cardiac arrest, how to be free from heart disease pathologically these issues need to be studied. ”

He said, “I urge you, as well as the medical research, special emphasis will be upon you. As well as measures to prevent heart disease awareness initiatives to be taken. The media will drive more and more of you. ”

The Prime Minister said, we have all the benefits of higher education are guaranteed. Specialized hospitals’m one after another. These benefits are achieved by utilizing the knowledge, the best service to patients dena That’s my hope.

Making people’s confidence in the country’s medical system urged the Prime Minister, I think people should not be the only treatment required. Our treatment of the people on the need to create confidence. So that people are not for treatment abroad.
However, the rate of people go abroad for medical treatment before, but now it has decreased, said the prime minister.

Radhanamantri the surgical treatment of cardiovascular disease in the past 3 decades Bangladesh has achieved unprecedented success. In 1981, the first open-heart surgery is completed. In 1997, the country where the operation is around 500, 015 Twenty-two hospitals in the country, where 10 thousand operations have been completed. From our efficiency and quality of services that are proven to increase a lot.

The Prime Minister said, the government only National Heart Institute, Chittagong Medical College and Hospital cardiac surgery, but very soon this service to Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital and Khulna Sheikh Abu Naser’s going to be going to the hospital.

The Prime Minister in 1996 after the formation of the government to increase the quality of medical education and advanced research operations in the country for the first time, there is an initiative to establish a Medical University. As part of the PG Hospital, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, founded as. A quarter of the short-sighted in the extreme opposed the establishment of the university. Today is the people’s benefit. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, the number of beds increased from 700 to 1 500.
He said, Rajshahi and Chittagong, we have taken the initiative to set up two medical universities. The survey for the detection of autistic children are being implemented.

The Prime Minister, saharabda Development Goals to achieve reduction in the infant mortality rate of 010 for Bangladesh to the United Nations’ MDG award labhasaha a lot of success in the healthcare received international recognition.

Various measures to improve the health sector, the government, the Prime Minister, in the past 7 years and a half in the Army Medical College, and 5 new 16 public education program has been launched. 10 thousand 662 different hospitals across the country have added new beds. Public and private educational institutions a total of 345 new schools have been built.
The Prime Minister, various levels of medical education has been extended a total of 1 thousand 804 seats. 1 thousand 728 people in the seven and a half years and 118 dental surgeon has been appointed assistant surgeon.

5 thousand new nurses have been recruited so far. More than 10 thousand nurses employed at the final stage of the process. 3, the final stage of the recruitment process midwife. The second class was promoted to the rank of nurses, the prime minister noted.

As a government initiative to provide better medical services to the people in the field, she said, about 16 of the 438 community clinics and health centers have been established union. About 30 types are being given free medicines in government hospitals. As a result, the spread of information technology in all district hospitals to provide free health care on the mobile phone, telemedicine service has been introduced in various hospitals.

The Prime Minister said, we have formulated 01 principles of health and population 011. Local stage-to-village, union and district-based health system with a built-tinastara. Healthcare is now within reach of the common people has been reached. TMC marginalized people receiving health care at nominal prices.

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