Finance minister gave the online income tax

2016-17 Current income tax returns submitted by Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith. In contrast to the net worth of Rs 98 lakh 1 thousand 611 million in income tax for two years, he said.

The income tax returns submitted online at the Secretariat on Monday, the finance minister said. At the time, the National Board of Revenue (NBR) chairman. Najibura Rahman and senior officials of the Ministry of Finance were also present.

The minister told a press briefing, 201516 last year was 34, his income of Rs 5 lakh. 0 million 91 thousand and the taxable income is not taxable, the income of 13 lakh 33 thousand rupees. Based on the income of two lakh 1 thousand 611 this year, he gave income tax.

The minister, yebachara he took over as minister was one of the 200809 fiscal year, its total assets amount to Rs 14 lakh crore. The wealth of the current fiscal rose to Rs 98 lakh.

He said a large portion of these resources have been achieved abroad, which are not taxable (tax not covered).

Individual taxpayers filing income tax returns for the last time on November 30, citing Finance Minister, then the time will not be extended. Developed countries, the United States Income Tax Day is celebrated on a specific date. After which the return is filed. Now, we have launched these days. I hope the next Governments maintain it.

He has described the benefits of filing tax returns online, so the resources to calculate the amount of tax the taxpayer would face trouble. Now there will be trouble. Details of the required software will be able to calculate taxes online. It added that taxpayers would harass and hassle.

The minister said, is to encourage the younger generation to pay. This year we have received evidence of the fair. Now we’re inspired many people to pay taxes.

In response to a question, the minister said, the banking sector to prevent corruption is the Board of Directors decided to appoint skilled people. In addition, action has been taken against any irregularity occurs.

He said the present government’s term due to irregularities occurred as Managing Director and upabyabasthana to dismiss managers.

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