Fuel prices will be reduced: Finance Minister

Fuel prices will be reduced to strengthen the country’s economy, Finance Minister AMA Muhith has said. He said fuel prices will be somewhat reduced. We’re lowering the price a little bit stronger economy. However, we will discuss with the Ministry of Energy. I need to talk with the prime minister. The papers are ready. ”

On Thursday, the Secretariat of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the minister told reporters after a meeting with a delegation.

The new head of the IMF mission met with Finance Minister Brian eitakenasaha eight-member delegation. He told reporters about the meeting, “the IMF mission met with the new head of the episode. The talks with the IMF in February.

Bangladesh did not join any new IMF program, the finance minister said in response to a question, “No, he does not have any chance, because so much of our balance of payments.

In the meantime, he said, will have a positive impact on fuel prices, lowering the prices of electricity, which will be helpful for the economy.

The finance minister has said the country has expressed satisfaction with the pace of the economy aiemaepha this mission. They are advised to keep the pace. They said that the current economy is right.

The economy is running in order to progress, he said that they had given some advice.

Earlier, on April 5, the government reduce fuel prices of all types. Of unleaded petrol and Rs 10 per liter and diesel and kerosene by Rs three per liter decreases. As a result, the price of diesel by 65 rupees per liter, kerosene price of Rs 65, Rs 89 akatenera price and selling price of petrol is Rs 86. Furnace oil prices earlier than March 31, from Rs 60 per liter 4 is brought down to Rs.

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