Haore not the desired development: Finance minister

Although many of the measures taken for the development of haor a work did not progress as Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith has said. Saturday (19 November) as the chief guest at a function held at the National Press Club, he said.

Webster Mahmud Hasan edited diverse wetlands “was held on the occasion of the book launch.

The Finance Minister, the greater Mymensingh and Sylhet larger estates prone areas. Haorera monitored for the development of our country should have. 0-year master plan for the development of haorera logged. Over the last two years, we have started implementing. However, it failed to work in a coordinated development of the mountain is not desired.

The case has been referred to Haore Finance Minister mobaila health activities undertaken, but no progress has been made in the same way. However, BRAC’s work has been in collaboration with some education. Moreover, to the extent that Haore ago would now be called unnatural death has been reduced to zero.

The road safety leader and actor Ilyas Kanchan said, the natural flow of water of common rivers with India, one of the reasons duyogera. The water management in India is hostile to us. Since India’s good relations with the government, so they would discuss the matter with India, I am hopeful. The wetlands areas of education, health, communication and infrastructure actor Ilyas Kanchan stressed.

Netrokona-4 MP Rebecca Momen, 70 per cent of the wetlands area of ​​my constituency. In this area, we are working to improve communication. Mohanganj Express and Express trains have been introduced in the estates. The system is easy enough to contact the area of ​​wetlands. Moreover, the directive of the Prime Minister the power to reach people in this region, we are working from house to house.

Chief negotiator jahedujjamana journalist Faruk two million people live in wetlands areas. There is no alternative to the development of the region for the development of wetlands. Two million people outside the country can not progress.

Prominent researcher said. Mizanur Rahman Shelly chair, the function was also addressed by faith in Netrokona -1 MP photos, Kishoreganj-5 MP Afzal Hossain, wetlands and swamp Development Department director Mujibur Rahman and Shahjahan Mia, former president of Dhaka Union of Journalists.

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