James sing Gopalganj Bangabandhu’s birthplace

Gopalganj Bangabandhu’s birthplace Anti-renowned concert sing nagarabaula James. Sheikh Kamal International Cricket Stadium on November 4, tunes Murchona spread the rock star. James said in a video message on Facebook ‘friends, hear music coming Gopalganj Bangabandhu motherland. You see, that song. ”

However, this renowned concert singer also sing Abdul Jabbar, correspond, Imran, silk, jhumur, Sohag, Jewels, Bangladesh Police Sergeant Islam theme automatically artist. The concert will begin at noon.

The Indian actress to be on the stage as a special attraction Das, Kolkata ‘pencil’ and ‘Star Wars’ is the name of the serial shape the role of the actress. Gopalaganjasaha nationwide concert was organized by Anti Narcotics Control Bureau (Ministry of Interior). Overall management of the public welfare development agency clay.

Haji Rustam Ali Collection ephaai to admit the program from the supermarket to buy T-shirts. RTV will live on.

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