Japan has lifted travel warning to Bangladesh – Finance Minister

Bangladesh travel advice warning to the government of Japan (ayabhaijari) has been revoked by Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith said.

A three-day (7 to 10 December) returned home after a visit to Japan on Sunday (11 December), the Finance Minister said at a press conference at the Secretariat.

In October last year, was shot and killed in Rangpur Japanese citizen Kunio hosike. After the incident, the Japanese nationals traveling to the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued precautionary advice. Japanese citizens not to travel to Bangladesh without the need for special is called.

Gulshan restaurant on July 1 this year, due to security concerns after the terrorist attacks in Japan, many of their employees were back.

He said, “JICA is meeting with the president of our day. On the same day, Japan’s Finance Minister Taro meeting with asora. He (Japan finance minister) said, there is no discussion. The government has decided to cancel the ayabhaijari. There is no reservation of any kind of relations with Bangladesh. Now it will take time to be iphekatibha. This information Waz So the bheriguda, Very Good thinkasa of our country. That restriction was in Japan for the Doing Business, That hyaja bin withdraw. ”

The minister said: “I am well aware of the Prime Minister to come back.”

He said: “Last July 1 (Holly artijana remstoraya attack) after the negotiation with Japan were all out of our country, the Third Country. Thailand, Singapore and other places of cuktitukti or discussed. ”

JICA has been met with President Abul Maal Abdul Muhith said, “He (President of JICA), the said discussion, there is nothing more to it. Bangladesh, there is no reason to worry about us. We do not believe it was any restriction. Money was forced. Bangladesh open for us. ”

The Japanese finance minister said the country would asabe relaxed, “Will B. Cumming very sartali official delegation. Bijanesamyanara came, officials did not come. It is now withdrawn. This process will take a little time. ”

Not wanted to come to the country for safety in a variety of projects in the context of the Japanese Finance Minister said, “who did not want to say? No, no, no its color. They did not make any statement, but that was ayabhaijarita. Publicly, they have always supported us. ”

Twenty-two projects in Japan as a consultant for the city governance in Bangladesh since last June phereni a journalist asked about the latest information on the Economic Relations Division secretary Mesbah Uddin, a senior, said: “I can not give specific project information. Many have returned after July 1. But there is no stop to our work, do not get stuck in any project I can say it. ”

Reserve Bank of Bangladesh CID theft Asked about the report, the Finance Minister said, “I have not seen CID report. I do not have any comment on the matter. I got an inquiry, our internal. That report, released in due time I suda. It would seem to me Time Is kanabhiniyena, I published it. ”

Senior Finance Ministry Secretary Mahbub Ahmed were present at the time.

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