Lubricants inaugurated maximile

Subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and Mahindra Group Ranks Rangs Motors Workshop Ltd, the Group’s subsidiary Mahindra Genuine Lubricants’ myaksimaila formally launched.

Ranks of Mahindra Motors Workshop Ltd, as well as after-sales service to ensure that only genuine spare parts and lubricants distributor sales.

Genuine Engine Oil and Lubricants branded as Mahindra program myaksimaila kulentasera was formally inaugurated. Mahindra vehicle to ensure maximum performance and endurance especially refined and manufactured in Mahindra myaksimaila engine oil and kulentasai.

The Mahindra AVP (bhyalabholaina) and Gaurav Gopal gobhila bhadariya, Rangs Dilip Banerjee, CEO, Mahindra Vehicle Customer Services Head Toufiqul Islam and field sales distributors were present.

Mahindra’s served the highest quality products for customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by resolving any issues that are determined to achieve. From now through the ceremony at the country’s highest myaksimaila low prices can be found in the engine oil and kulentasa.

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