Mahindra vehicles in Chittagong Grand Fair

Chittagong City saltagolaya Arafat Motors (Aaron carpenter garage), Mahindra car in the courtyard of the Grand Fair has begun a three-day world.Ryanakana Autos Limited. No booking required matching gift cars at the fair TV and Samsung tab.The fair will continue till Thursday 4 November. Every day from 9 am to 8 pm The fair will remain open.The fair was inaugurated at 11am on Monday, November 1 ryanakana Autos Limited, General Manager and Head of Operations Manju Rani Saha.
He Mahindra vehicles to reach the doorstep of the customers have been organized at the initiative of ryanakana Autos Limited. Anyone paying a nominal value when the fair will be the owner of a Mahindra vehicle.
Chittagong were present during the operation ryanakana Autos Limited (Director-in-Charge) kehaphila warrant Chowdhury, deputy general manager said. Amin-ur-Rashid, Head of Services Ahmedul Haq, Head of Marketing Tushar Kanti Das, SM Prime mover onarasa Association. Abu Bakar Siddique, president Humayun Kabir, among others, Prime mover workers Development Council.

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