Mark shares increased during the formation of the charge scam case

Mark Bangladesh Industrial and Engineering shares scandal, the case for the prosecution during the framing of charges has been granted stock-related cases constituted special tribunal judge Akbar Ali Sheikh. The charges set for the formation of the next 1 January.

Monday, November 8 at the application was granted.

Earlier, on November 6, Dhaka’s Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) court case is transferred to the traibunyale.

BSEC panel lawyer Masud Rana said, ‘Mark, Bangladesh Industrial and Engineering shares scandal case, the court granted the application for the formation of the charge and set January 1. Ahmed Hussein, Deputy Director of the plaintiff in the absence of the job, instead, has been appointed Deputy Director Mahmud Hasan. ”

Mark manipulation of shares in 1999, 000 in Bangladesh Industrial and Engineering kompanitisaha for 4 people were accused. Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Deputy Director Ahmed Hossain filed the case on behalf of the company. According to Section 5 of the Securities Act was filed. CMM court case number 13642000 has been traibunyale No. 3/16.

The accused Mark of the Bangladesh Industrial and Engineering, the company’s chairman and managing director, Imam mulakutura Rahman, vice-chairman and director Salma Akhter Abdul Hai.

Ahmed Hossain, former deputy director of the BSEC as a witness in the case, including 6 officers. Others became executive director Anwar-ul-Kabir Bhuiyan, director Farhad Ahmed, ATM tarekujjamana deputy director, deputy director and deputy director subhrakanti Chaudhry Shafique Hussain Syed.

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