May be leather industry would collapse

The main raw materials that supply the majority of the skin leather industry Eid sacrifice. At the time of the year so that the traders to collect skin tannery factories. At present, the country’s export sector is the leather industry in a good position.

Leather industry sector is one of the country’s potential in this industry has been working for the government. But this year, with the transfer of tanneries and leather processing businesses salt sankatasaha distraction due to some uncertainty arises over the sacrifice of Eid skin. The skin has the potential collapse of trade and export earnings.

This year, the leather industry has been uncertain for the tannery owners are responsible for the complexity of industrial relocation. They said that the government Savar tannery relocation adds to the pressure. The leather industry is a major loss. 154 tanneries tannery owner of the complexities of transfer of the money to pay a fine of 10 per day. Failure to do business conveniently season there is the possibility that the traders to stop buying sacrificial skin, a source said. After the sacrifice, so that the skin can buy at a lower price.

Many times without warning from the government concerning the relocation of tanneries that have not received any complaint against the owners of the tannery. The tannery owners across the country are in jeopardy due to outstanding payments to be collected from the glass skin of small businesses. In addition, the market demand is less than supply of salt is used for the processing of leather has been produced on a large scale crisis. Who has been in trouble before the crisis sacrifice tannery owners. They fear that continued high price of salt for about 30 percent of the sacrificial skin can be damaged due to lack of preservation.

The risk that the price may be lower than the skin gatabare traders. As well as the global leather and leather products decreased prices in the market they would be affected. 201516 fiscal year, export of leather and leather products have earned 116 million 9 million 50 thousand US dollars, compared with last year’s 201415 export earnings in the sector, 69 percent more than two percent.

Compared to last year, an increase of export of leather and leather products exports to the just-concluded fiscal targets could not be achieved in this sector. The potential for increasing export earnings of the sector, the government has made in Savar leather industrial city. But the complexities of the transfer of business is moving more damages. However, if you move the server to come back in a good position in this industry more concerned claims. Tanneries from Hazaribagh in the capital will still count it on a regular basis sthanantarera signs could be seen.

Dhaka Tannery found around intersections, small businesses are in the process of preparing the next camaraguloke salt on the road. Bangla Road, the streets overflow drain chemicals are covered with black water. Locals complain that the fine for every day that the government’s public health surveillance was conducted in the hajaribage tannery. Many behalf of the owner of the tannery can be handled with a fine of 10 thousand rupees.

The owner of a tannery on condition of anonymity, said businesses are closed, we are sitting waiting for the government’s executive order. At least this season, gave the government no.

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