Millions of US elections invalid votes were cast: Trump

Nababirnacita President of the United States, Donald Trump Definitely, last November 8th elections to be illegally excluded the votes of millions “can be seen that he has won the popular vote. Wisconsin, as well as criticizing recount it “tantamount to waste of time,” he said.

However, the number of electoral votes required to be elected president of the Republican Party took up no evidence to back up his claim Trump.

Wisconsin Green Party candidate recount petition that has been taken, the defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton camp after speaking in support of the statement made by Donald Trump.

As the history of electoral votes, Clinton won election as a Trump Trump than 0 million popular votes (popular vote) have more.

Trump said on Twitter, “I have won the Electoral College votes. The illegal election last November to 8 million votes will be dropped if the popular vote and I’ve won. ”

He later wrote a Twitter message, rather than the so-called popular vote to win the election in the Electoral College system was calculated, would have been much easier for me to get the win. The campaign, run it, I would have 15 states instead of 3-4 at all. ”

He also claimed that Clinton’s victory in Virginia, New Hampshire and California, “serious vote fraud ‘has been. However, the issue is not the word to the US media.
Before Triumph of Democratic candidate reminded his opponent that he had already accepted defeat and presidentasiyala debate, Clinton said the statement was published, should he accept the outcome of that vote.

Triumph of the debate, but if they lose rejection of Clinton’s remarks were criticized.
Trump won a very limited margin of Wisconsin. Green Party candidate Jill Stein appealed to the state recount. Trump to win, but Clinton won the vote in Wisconsin punargananaya results will not be reversed.

However, the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania have requested recount Jill Stein. The computer through manipulation of the election results in favor of Trump want to be sure to not change. That is why he has applied recount.

Source: AFP

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