Moniruzzaman is new Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank

As deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank SM Manirujjaman  has appointed for three years. The deputy secretary of the Department of Finance Banks and Financial Institutions. Huda signed rijaoyanula undersigned has been appointed.

According to the notification, the Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank on the basis of the recommendations of the search committee to fill the vacant post of Executive Director of Bangladesh Bank SM Munirujjamanake voluntary retirement from regular service and pay respect to piaraela 197 of the Bangladesh Bank Order 10 (4) Bangladesh Bank Deputy Governor in accordance with the provisions of section 3-year contract for the proposal to appoint the prime minister expressed consent.

Therefore SM Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank munirujjaman  3-year contract of employment for the post of prime minister on his resume, and this summary kind of confirmation is sent photocopies attested. Is directed to take necessary actions in this regard.

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