Natore billions bean production

Natore district, 30 thousand tons of bean production in the current season. This is produced from 645 hectares of beans at the market value of billions more than half of the money measures. Starting from October, in different parts of the country including Dhaka, Natore bean marketing activities will continue until next January.

Natore Agriculture Extension Department sources, against a target of 1 500 hectares of plantations in the current season had set a target to produce 7 thousand tons of beans. Exceeded the target of 645 thousand hectares of land has been cultivated beans. 1 at a maximum of 48 hectares of Baraigram, Lalpur 14 hectares, 120 hectares in Natore Sadar, Naladangaya 53 hectares, 40 hectares of Gurdaspur, Sinraya two hectares and hectares Bagatipara at 0. Bean production this year is expected to be about 60 thousand tons.

Production and marketing of beans and bean farmers to talk to on the famous baraigram known, bighaprati bean production at an average cost of 30 thousand rupees. If the bean yield generating millions in advance or can be sold.

The paddy fields after the harvest was in April-May planting beans. Bighate to about two feet high mound of earth as 50 to 300 saplings were planted. Macaya go up into the trees began to yield to October. Farmers from the bean plants collected twice a week.

Three and a half acres of land on Baraigram Saidur Rahman atobesi bean varieties cultivated in advance. The green beans are sold from October, he said. Rajendarpur bean varieties cultivated in the area in advance of the reddish color rupabhana Golzar Ali said the rains in September and October due to the plethora of flower rot disease occurs. Nevertheless, he is optimistic about bighaya yield at least 60 measures.

Rajapur block sub-assistant agriculture officer said. Zakaria said the flower farmers to prevent rot fungus-killing drugs has the benefit of giving advice to farmers applying.
Almost every hatei of the different buying and selling beans in vegetable dish. In addition to wholesale customers in local markets arat hats to collect the beans are sold retail. However, in different parts of the country including the border to send Natore-Pabna muladuli famous hat. Muladulite aratdara about 10 farmers to buy the beans every day in different parts of the country including sending. From morning till evening every day from the market 30 to 40 trucks loaded with beans going out of Natore.

Muladuli Haat stockist said. Dulal said Karwan Bazar, Dhaka, in addition to my warehouse bean Narayanganj, Chittagong and Sylhet. The market price of Rs 000 to 1500 on average per mound. Stockist said. Alam said that since October, but now it’s starting to go out of Natore bean season. The program will continue until January.

Baraigram upazila agriculture officer Iqbal Ahmed told BSS, the farmers and the Agriculture Department of intentions of cooperation Boraigram agricultural production has varied, with the innovation development. Buyers more benefits and profits because they have become more interested in cultivating beans.

Source: AFP

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