New Zealand is to increase the export of medicines and skin habe-Commerce Minister

Commerce minister Ahmed said: “New Zealand exports pharmaceuticals and skin will be increased. There is a lot of demand for these products in the country. Bangladesh has duty free market access for all products, the export of New Zealand. ”

Commerce on Wednesday in his office in Dhaka, Bangladesh Secretariat appointed ambassador to New Zealand, Graham told reporters after a meeting with martanera.

Commerce Minister, New Zealand is keen to increase trade with Bangladesh. Bangladesh imported milk products from New Zealand has been exported to different countries in the world.

The minister said trade between the two countries is not very much. Bangladesh last year exported 73 percent of 63 million New Zealand dollars. At the same time imported goods worth 150 million US dollars to 40 percent.

He said trade between the two countries at the moment is an opportunity for New Zealand to increase the country’s exports.

Ahmed said the 17-year contract Trips to the World Trade Organization eladisibhukta countries has increased. Bangladesh has taken steps to utilize this opportunity.

She said Bangladesh is the world’s 123 countries, exporting drugs. The value of the drugs is quite good. The class of drugs is relatively low-cost supply. There is plenty of demand for the medicines made in New Zealand. Under the Seventh Five Year Plan have been taken to increase the export of goods, is one of the drugs, she said.

Commerce Minister of Bangladesh in 2021 in various countries around the world has set an export target of 5 billion US dollars worth of drugs. Could be an important market for New Zealand in Bangladesh, she said.

Ambassador of New Zealand, Bangladesh is fast approaching. Bangladesh’s garment sector is very good progress. Trade between the two countries has increased in the last 5 years. Currently, trade between the two countries is good.

The Ambassador praised the development of the country’s enormous demand for many products in New Zealand. The increase in trade between the two countries to increase trade.

Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce (Export) Zahir Uddin Ahmed, Joint Secretary (FTA) Munir Chowdhury were also present.

Ministry of Commerce said in a press release today.

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