Padma Bridge High Capacity floating crane arrived Kutubdiya

For the construction of the Padma Bridge High Capacity floating crane arrived kutubdia channel. After completion of all work kastamasaera crane from China in one week is expected to reach at Mawa.

BSS Bangladesh Bridge Authority sources said Friday night kutubdia crane is anchored near the channel. Mawa crane to reach the whole preparation has been taken. Customs clearance on Saturday, sources confirmed that work has begun.

According to sources, such as the transport of the floating crane vessel is not available. It will be a tug boat in the port Mawa. It may take a week to reach Mawa.

3 of 6 billion tonnes of this capacity will be used for the Padma bridge crane. October 1 this year, China’s floating crane from Johan Mother bhesele started in Bangladesh. This project will set up a super structure seturra. Each span of the bridge crane (150-meter-long super-structure) can impose direct pillar. A Span weight of about two thousand 9 hundred tons. The capacity of the floating crane from China 3 of 6 billion tonnes. The floating crane capacity as a Korean rescue ships and fearless conviction 1 of 4 billion tons. More than two and a half times the capacity of the crane and the Chinese.

According to sources, due to the heavy crane super structure sthapanera now almost completed all the arrangements. Now under construction in full swing pillar numbers 37 and 38. The super structure will sit on these two pillars. A lot of progress has been ahead of the pillar 37. Preparing the peer of the pillars was completed. This peer will be completed as soon as the pillar. Then sit on the super structure. 37 the number of Padma pillar pile group has been completed. Now more than one hundred and fifty feet (35 meters) high pillar to sit. Sit in on the pillar structure (span).

The group Pillar 128 meters in length. 122 meters below ground at the bottom of the river. And 6 meters into the water. The current water level in the upper part of the pile group is 6 feet under water. Emanabhabei have been here so that water does not enter. The group had also climbing the stairs. The group had carried out the first pillar of the Padma Bridge. It is the job of developing peer. 38 Number pillar work is progressing quickly. The four had been completed. The other two are on the way to the end.

Recently, two thousand kilojoules coming from Germany had the power to establish a new Hummer 38 number is busy. The old two thousand 4 hundred kilojoules power hyamarati this opportunity is being serviced. We have introduced a new hyamarati weeks ago. Its output is said to be concerned.

The other package Padma Bridge is in progress. River training works in the dry season has begun in full swing. Jazeera on Wednesday at the end of 8 billion kilograms of plastic bags have been removed. Mawa end of the dredging has started a few days ago. High Capacity of 4 to 5 meters per cubic meter of the dredger is to remove the soil. Dredging will be carried out in several phases when the sack. There are five layers of 8 billion kg sacks will be removed.

Rajab Ali told BSS, executive engineer of the Padma Bridge, Mawa end of the bridge is almost completed construction of a modern toll plaza. Officially, however, is not to understand it. In addition, 83 per cent progress of the work-Jazeera at the toll plaza.

AJ bhayadaktera work is in full swing at the end. The bridge connecting the bottom of the pile in order to ensure a modern eco-Sounder is being used properly. This is due to the use of Japanese high-level technicians, Mawa has returned ten days later on Friday morning. This was supposed to be a four-member team for four days. For various reasons, but they have 10 days to make. The work of the engineers said that progress has been made.

Source: AFP

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