PM calls for universal global water management initiatives

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina emphasized on water management initiatives in the global public. The 7-point agenda that includes raising rare source of world leaders urged the country’s policy priorities related to water. He said this while addressing the inaugural session on Monday in Budapest Water Summit 2016ra, our water management will have to work together now. Bangladesh is committed to its role in this regard.

The conference was attended by heads of state and government. She cross-border water sharing appropriate emphasis on policy, cross-border river water is managed is very important. In this context, the downstream delta region, referring to the country’s traditional lifestyle. He said that water scarcity is not the main cause of the crisis. Rather, the problem related with the fair distribution. Allocating cross-border flows has become a complex issue. 54 230 minor cross-border rivers of water flushed by the Prime Minister and the UN high-level panel, the Prime Minister presented the 7-point agenda. He said, in our culture, ideas and way of life are a major part of water. In Bangladesh, our culture, consciousness, lives and livelihoods across the center of the pani Sheikh Hasina said the water issue in politics and urged world leaders to give priority to activities.

In this context, the presence of world leaders at the conference, Sheikh Hasina highlighted her government’s agenda of 7 September during the UN General Assembly High-Level Panel on Water (eicaelapidabliu) to achieve the objectives of the activities undertaken by the agenda based may be helpful. As the agenda, he said, and the broader sustainable development agenda within the framework of inter-030 on the water and in accordance with accepted principles of national, regional and global level that water is an integral part of any development efforts. Agenda of the second, trailing by millions of people around the world drinking water and sanitation facilities, or group of people who are facing problems in receiving the case will give special attention to their needs. The third agenda is climate change related disaster risks faced desaguloara marketing œ in the area to prevent water in the framework of an emergency. The fourth agenda, continuing water crisis is the main reason for the shortage of water, but the problem here for the equitable sharing of trans-boundary water management is very important.

The fifth Agenda, water is being used extensively for agricultural development and food security. The use of limited water continued efforts to improve crop varieties that can be produced, and water-saving technologies should be developed. Agenda of the sixth, further development of our knowledge and experience of each country in each other’s’ Light-House Initiative to exchange. Especially effective management of water resources development and exchange of skills and techniques to be. Agenda of the seventh, to achieve the goal of water research, innovation and technology transfer is crucial to a global fund.

Bangladesh’s success in achieving the MDG target of safe drinking water and sanitation, the Prime Minister said, climate change is too risky a series of measures to tackle the situation in the world, Bangladesh has been antagonistic, which has already earned praise in the world. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh under water during the rainy season to the dry season and water shortages are common challenges. The risk is increasing due to excessive dependence on underground water. Later, the Prime Minister and other prominent individuals with Hungarian President “Sustainable Water Solutions Expo,” an official said. Source: AFP

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