Police should be child-friendly

Referring to the important role of protecting street children administration of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs Meher Afroz Chumki says, the police should be child-friendly. The need to take their training.

Thursday Kamalapur Railway Officers’ rest houses at the meeting as the chief guest rehabilitating street children, he said.
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The state minister said, a lot of bad behavior by police officers with street children. Will change their mentality. Children can be seen in a lot of money if you do not sell magazines from their magazine snatched away by the police.

The minister said, referring to all of the child-friendly society, each person will be responsible for the children. He said they were not street ahbano to underprivileged children.

In this case, refers to children with drug syndicate involved in drug control adhidaphatarake minister called for more co-operation. The concerted efforts of different public and private institutions in order to bring down to zero the number of street children he hoped to reach.

Additional Director General of Narcotics Control Department of the meeting (Additional Secretary), Amir Hossain, 60 million people are drug addicts in the country. 50 percent of whom are children.
The executive director of the invincible sun Waheeda said, we have seen the survey, the growing trend lead to a single mother.

The meeting highlighted the sad story of their lives, some underprivileged children. Who is now being brought up under the supervision of the invincible.

Nasima Begum presided over the ceremony, Secretary of the Ministry of Women and Children. The meeting on street children rehabilitation program (scrp.gov.bd) opened a website.

Railway police sub-inspector were also present on the occasion Ruhul non-governmental organization that works with street children aminasaha officials.

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