President tributes Shikha Anirban

President Hamid Shikha Anirban at Dhaka Cantonment in the morning on the occasion of Armed Forces Day of Liberation of Bangladesh Armed Forces members laid down their lives through paid homage to the martyrs placing wreaths.

The president and the supreme commander of the armed forces at 8am flame Sam (eternal flame) placed a wreath on the altar and stood in silence to pay respect to the martyrs.

Army, Navy and Air Force to provide a smartly turned out contingent during the salute.
The President signed the visitors’ book kept at the premises of Abdul Hamid flame unquenchable.
Prior to her arrival at the Shikha Anirban chiefs of the three armed forces and the Department (AFD) received the Principal Staff Officer to the President.

In 1971, the day the war of liberation Army, Navy and Air Force of the Armed Forces of Bangladesh was formed. After the occupation forces against the Pakistani army launched an all-out attack and accelerate the achievement of the war victory.

After the independence of the country’s Armed Forces Day is observed every year on this historic day.

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