Starting from tomorrow the final exam for primary education and ibatedayi

Ibatedayi education in primary and final test will start on Sunday across the country.
This year, 3 million 30 thousand 88 students will participate in the examination. 9 lakh 30 thousand 573 people, and the primary ibatedayite two lakh 99 thousand 715 students there.

Tomorrow is the first day of the first test and ibatedayi exams in English will begin at 11 am only. Will continue until the afternoon. For children with special needs will be given an additional 0 minutes.

7 thousand 194 foreign countries and will be held in 11 centers. Will run until November 7.

This is according to the Directorate of Primary and Mass Education.

According to the source, the initial samapanite 13 lakh 46 thousand 3 million 84 thousand 541 students and 15 students will be tested. 1 lakh 57 thousand 319 students in the test ibatedayi one lakh 4 thousand 396 students and there. At the end of the two thousand 857 primary and ibatedayite 90 people with special needs (autistic) will take part in the examinations.
Fireball Ministry’s directive to stop the leak rasnapatra in 64 districts have been divided into eight regions. Like last year, this time on the set of eight primary and the final exam will be held ibatedayi education.

All preparations have been completed examination by referring source, centered on remote areas of 10 special questionnaire has been sent.
According to sources, with a view to completing the final exam and efficient exchange of information and education for the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Department has opened control rooms. And primary education department of the Ministry of Number Number 029515977 0255074917, 0255074939, 01979088719, and 01712413100. E-mail: ( |.

Exam schedule: Primary samapanite 0. Sunday in English, Bengali Monday, November 1, November, and the identity of Bangladesh on Tuesday, Wednesday, November 3 primary science, religion and moral education, and on Thursday, November 4 math test will be held on Sunday 7 November.

At the end of November ibatedayi 0 in English, Bengali, November 1, November, and the identity of Bangladesh, Arabic November 3, November 4, the Koran and tajweed and akaida and jurisprudence, will be counted on November 7.

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