Stopped the country’s first mobile phone company Grameenphone

BTRC did not owe the mobile operator Citycell activities were finally closed. BTRC told reporters at a press conference in the capital on Thursday evening, Minister of State for Telecommunications Tarana Halim.

Tarana Halim said at the press conference, ” for not giving due Citycell Wave Telecom has been suspended. ”

Thursday afternoon at around 5 pm BTRC Director (Enforcement), Yakub Ali Bhuiyan Citycell Pacific Centre, the headquarters of the State to enter the press conference after the announcement.

The first mobile phone operator Citycell around five hundred million owed to the government. In 1989, the regulator of telecommunications services license from the citycell or Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited.

This is not due to be closed in July announced Citycell Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (BTRC). The Commission gives notice sitiselake.

Citycell goes to court after notice of the Appellate Division to continue to pay the price sitiselake gave two months.

BTRC lawyer Khandaker Reza-e-Rakib told reporters that day, until 17 aagastera Citycell 477 crore to the BTRC is owed. Two-thirds of one month from now, they will have to pay one-third in the next one month.

” Moreover, since August 17 every day 18 million and payment of the regulator. The court ordered the payment of daily money immediately, you will not make money if the regulator to take any action. ”

At present, the company owns a 37 percent to 95 percent of BNP leader and former Foreign Minister M Morshed Khan-owned Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited.

Singapore’s SingTel shares a large part of Asia Pacific Investment Limited was sold to.

SingTel owns 45 per cent of the Citycell. Far East Telecom Limited also owns a 17 percent to 51 percent.

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