Susthadharara the political platform of the spirit of independence ‘NDM’

The lack of politics, Bangladeshi nationalism, the spirit of independence, democracy and people’s religious values, etc. In today’s market, the daily spoken privately with the nationalist parties of the National Democratic Movement secretary general Abu Taher Mohammad Golam Mowla demokretibha mubhamenta enadiema Chowdhury. He is known as the initiator of the movement paniraksa Feni river. He Nawab Ghazi saptamabansadhara Shamsher. Lutful Kabir Kazi, senior journalist interview. The exact purpose of the interview was published readers.

Ajakerabajara: How do you explain the spirit of freedom as a freedom fighter?

ATM Golam Maola: the demand for independence and freedom from subjection to Bengal comes step by step. Two hundred years of the history of British colonialism, the independence movement long after the birth of the independent state of Bengal to avoid liberties were trampled. Once again trapped in Bengali nation jinjire subservience. Urdubhasara caught the Englishman often addressed again. From there comes the Language Movement of 5, 6 points and the last 71 at the Independence War collection. Pakistani military defeat of nine-month bloody war through the red-green Bangladesh was born.

Ajakerabajara: What is actually speaking Bengali and Bangladeshi nationalism?

ATM Golam Mowla Chowdhury: nationalism, depending on the language and territory was established. War through the sacrifices of millions of Bengalis in Bangladesh territory of his name. Earth-born Bangladeshi nationalism became the center of this new territory. It was founded with the fundamental right of every land where. Bengali is an independent sovereign state. Bangladeshi nationalism since the establishment of its own identity.

Ajakerabajara: to enjoy the democratic rights of the people of the country for a long time, but the people you say democracy, what is the explanation?

ATM Golam Maola: democracy is not only the implementation of the right to vote in the election. It was founded to demand basic human rights of sovereign Bangladesh. None of the fundamental rights of every human being to enjoy? Some human rights or constitutionally few percent change in lifestyle can? So it just depends on the day of voting, democracy or no democracy can not be the people’s democracy. And also what is being practiced in the proper manner? So where is the democracy of the people he saw?

Ajakerabajara: why, despite being selected to power the political crisis?

ATM Golam Maola: ksamatasinara constitutionally elected government, there is no doubt. No group took part in the elections or not, even that is not consumed. But the question is how is the election? 90 through a mass movement in the fall of autocracy, but next time what real democracy in this country has alankita politics? Indeed, if it were, then there would have been no need to select neutral caretaker government, a democratic system of guardianship. Past governments never, people were not sincere practice of democracy. Therefore, the ongoing political crisis.

Ajakerabajara: Why are the words enadiemera principle of religious values?

ATM Golam Maola: Medina Charter has been spread through the world in the direction of religious values. Where it has been said, to comply with the religion of all religions equal opportunity. Not only that, social and religious values ​​in order to establish peace in the state is not an option. Believers of any religion is out. If the religious values, the disappearance of the killing, murder, terrorism, anarchy and the state does not get involved in destructive activities. There are guidelines to ensure the safety of other religious groups, even religious values.

Ajakerabajara: enadiema’s debut will be relaxed?

ATM Golam Maola: In the early days of the coming year, but the date is not convenient at a formal party name, constitution and plan of action will be announced.

Ajakerabajara: What do you think about the new team?

ATM Golam Maola: susthadharara politics, national politics could not solve the crisis. 40/45 years we have not been able to walk the path in the right way. Susthadhara could not be created for a new generation of politics. Any kind of crisis can not be the right direction. The ability to grasp and hold the seizure of power, we bring out the people from conflict-free and susthacintara politicians are trying to gather in one stage.

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