Tax Week beginning November 4

Tax related to all types of services more readily available in the next 4 to 30 November, the National Board of Revenue (NBR) Income Tax Week will be celebrated. Organized for the first time this week, the taxpayers income tax karamelara regions under the same roof as the tax will be all kinds.

The person filing the income tax returns of the Income Tax Week celebrations due largely to bind samasayasima initiatives hayecheyate taxpayers an additional service to complete all the activities of the 30 November dakhilasaha parenasaradese 31 tax returns under the field 649 of the Income Tax Week will be held at the Circle.

In this context, the NBR chairman. Najibura Rahman said: “After the 30th of November, we are determined to return to them is to increase the time period for submission of additional services to the taxpayers to pay in advance caiyate they return within a certain period of time to complete the work of all types of dakhilasaha parenamulata this purpose taken to the Income Tax Week celebrations “he said.

He said all kinds of taxes under the same roof as the fair tax returns will be filed karadatarakara regions, receiving e-TIN, user ID and password for filing returns online service without assuming the necessary documents with milabekaradatara circle prescribed tax analei find all the services.

Najibura Rahman said, many people do not taxable in the country is the main reason behind the lack of awareness and lack of awareness of the problem of harassment by bhayakara week, simply remove the taxes have been taken to encourage adoption of the program.

Karamelara areas as tax payers from tax during the week that he hoped a huge response.

Deputy tax commissioner stating an extended period of time to apply the parenasamaya granted under the general or public sbanirdharani system returns can be filed.

If the return is not filed within the prescribed period, deputy tax commissioner to impose a delay interest.
NBR officials to achieve tax revenue target for the current fiscal year is a week to celebrate the program will be particularly helpful.

The income from the fair held across two thousand 129 crore 67 lakh 75 thousand 811 rupees in revenue from the fair hayechesaptahabyapi 9 million 8 thousand 973 people have taken the service. 1 lakh 94 thousand 598 people have submitted income tax returns. The new e-TIN 36 thousand 853 people attended.

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