The EU wants all industrial sectors Compliance

Exportable goods and other industrial sectors such as the garment industry compliance (factory safety and improved working conditions) to the European Union (EU).

Westin Dhaka International Trade Committee of the European Parliament on Tuesday with a delegation Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association BGMEA leaders, Rahman said he was hopeful after the meeting.

He said, in addition to garment export business in all industries related with the implementation of the Accord and the Alliance has suggested that the terms of the delegation of the European Union. The government came to the fore on several occasions in the past. They are associated with compliance will be included in the export industry.

Rahman said the factory in June 2018 to reform the terms of the Accord and the Alliance to meet the deadline. However, this task can be completed in the year 017, we hope. Ayakardabhukta already more than 70 percent and 60 percent of the Alliance of renovation work has been completed at the factory.

Bangladesh a middle income country by 2021 is a target has been reached, the BGMEA president said, referring to the implementation of the European market according to the rules of the GSP will be dropped. However, the GSP plus facility to be affiliated with the context they have to meet certain conditions. In this regard, we hope to improve workers’ rights and benefits karmaparibesagata the conditions for the GSP Plus. Bangladesh is now on the verge of fulfillment. As a result, in time to meet the conditions to get the GSP plus that should not be a problem.

BGMEA president said, an officer who asked us, until June 2018 Accord Alliance action if necessary? In response, we said, we want to go ahead collectively with buyers. But how will the two sides, the new framework will be decided.

BGMEA press conference, senior vice president Farooq Hassan, Vice President (Finance), Mohammad Nasir, Vice President Mohammad Hasan Khan Babu, the European Parliament delegation, Ambassador Pierre mayaduna the European Union, the EU member Jane lamabartasaha others were present.

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