Thursday began a three-day capital market fair

Of the market on Thursday (1 December) begins 3-day to the capital of Bangladesh Capital Market Expo 2016 ‘.

Share with the participation of 40 companies involved in this fair will be held at the Institute of Diploma Engineers at Kakrail. Every day from 10 am to 8 pm The fair will be open to the public courtyard.

Fair organizers cryptic Dot Kom secretary Ziaur Rahman on Monday (8 November) at Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) said at a press conference.

Chayedura Rahman were present during the BMBA president and managing editor Kamrunnahar cryptic.

Ziaur Rahman, Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange, sidibielasaha nearly 40 organizations taking part in the expo. Expo Sponsors include City Bank Capital Resources, Olympic Industries Ltd and Power Ltd. Shajibazar.

“Every morning Expo from 10 am until 8 pm will be open to the public. No ticket is required for entry into the Expo. The raffle draw to enter the drawing motorcycle, mobile handsets, visitors will find valuable prize, “Zia said.

The 3-day expo will be present as the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony of Commerce Ahmed. Special guest Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman. M. Khairul Hossain.

Expo will be the chief guest at the concluding day of the Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister. M. Fire Rahman.

In addition, former chairman of the BSEC seminar Expo mirjja AB Azizul Islam, the current Commissioner. And Dr. Helal Uddin Nizami. Sbapanakumara Bala, chief economist of Bangladesh Bank said. Birupaksa Pal, Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA), a member of the Sultan-ul-Abedin Mollah, will be present as guests.

However, on the occasion of Expo, November 30 at 11 am in front of Dhaka Stock Exchange building will come out of the rally; BSEC, which is in turn in front of office will end at the National Press Club.

Ziaur Rahman, the country’s capital market, most people have no idea about. Others think about the negative. 010 since the collapse of our market is going through difficult times. Spreading information about the unreasonable and unrealistic in the market.

‘Contribution to the economy of the capital increase would come out of this negative opinion. This is the reality of the market and the market of the new branding aims to create awareness about the Capital Market Expo was held for the first time last year, “Zia said.

He said on the occasion of Expo brokarahauja, merchant banks, asset management companies, credit rating agencies, listed companies in a variety of capital market stakeholders are gathered under one umbrella.

The overwhelming response was received. In the light of Bangladesh Capital Market Expo this year is being organized for the second time. Through this event attracted the attention of policy makers will be to the capital market.

He developed country by the year 041 state government has set a target to Qatar. We think that, being promoted to the ranks of developed countries to play a bigger role in the market. Qatar advanced to the huge investments required to supply the market.

BMBA president chayedura Rahman, wireless data communication market has suffered enough. But we have seen that the government’s policy of positive steps have been taken to the stage.

He said investors do not invest with full knowledge. That’s why our market is so little deeper.

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