To take collective action to deal with the risk of climate change urges world leaders:PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina 5 on the importance of the world combined with our farmers, fishermen, artisans and women’s combined initiatives to reduce the risk of climate change on Wednesday called on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina janiyechenapradhanamantri suijalyandera Davos Congress Centre, the World Economic Forum ‘Leading The Fight Against Climate Change on plyanari speaking at the session.

The Prime Minister said Bangladesh has ratified the Treaty of Paris, the world community and the role rayecheprathamata businessmen, the Prime Minister said, “Our farmers, fishermen, artisans, women are at risk adhikatara day by day. They need emergency assistance. Agriculture and food security need to focus on our well. “, grain, agriculture, research and find solutions to protect assets will increase global trade.He said we need a non-profit model innovation, partnership and for us to solve the problem.
The third matter to the attention of the Prime Minister, Renewable Energy and Clean, efficient energy technology, equipment, safe yields, the city will go to the service.

Fourthly, he says, we are “green growth” going on the road. But the promised climate financing must be ensured. At least half of the money go to the climate vulnerable countries habeprayukti 5th of transactions, the Prime Minister, in the name of protection of intellectual property rights can not have the comfortable position. Bank, the United Nations has the technology to support LDCs. Agriculture, health, life-saving technology that we want to go.

Sheikh Hasina said, climate change is our existence. Bangladesh has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, whereas ours is the highest price. Millions of people are being forced to migrate in silence samrddhira will share responsibility for the global community in the hope that the Prime Minister, in order to protect low-income countries affected by the Paris agreements must be taken forward.

Referring to the various initiatives to tackle climate change and loss, she said, 009 to 400 million dollars from its own resources and climate change trust fund karitini said, we go to the development of low carbon emissions. We have our manufacturing sector, ‘green’ technologies are transforming.

The Prime Minister said, we have the importance of renewable fuel. 45 million solar home systems have been installed in the country.15 million people are now getting solar power, the prime minister expressed the hope that, by the year 2018 the world’s biggest solar Bangladesh as a nation come up.

The Prime Minister tried to influence agriculture are damaging climate change. Improvements and innovations stress tolerant varieties, panisahisnu rice production, solar-based irrigation pumps running to build the world karechisukhi-rich face of climate change and urged the global community to share the responsibility of the Prime Minister.

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