Today is the 17th death anniversary of poet Sufia Kamal

Poet Begum Sufia Kamal’s 17th death anniversary on Sunday.

He died in November 1999, 0. Different organizations have taken up various programs to mark the day.

Death anniversary of poet Sufia Kamal of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad organized social resistance of the Committee meetings will be held at 3 pm on the recall.

Humanity, democratic values ​​and crime, against corruption, a social worker and narinetri name Begum Sufia Kamal. He was the pioneer in women’s awakening.

0 June 1911 in an aristocratic family, he was born in Barisal sayestabade. Sufia Kamal was a Bengali poet and literary language. Until his death, he

Politicians, writers and sanskrtikarmidera provided inspiration. He attributes much of the people because of him, “adventuress mother” was awarded the title.

Sufia Kamal wrote the first story in 1923, “the soldier Bride ‘which was published in Barisal young. His first poem was published in spring 1926 in the Saogat.

He was the first editor of her magazine. In 1947, he and his family moved to Dhaka. 195 when he joined the Language Movement. In 1969 the council (the council), which was the founding chief. He also was the president of Chayanat from adhering.

His published works kabyagranthagulo-evening Maya, Maya Kajol, mind and life, peace and prayer upon the earth, Diwan, after the burial, etc. My jadudera. Book of short stories’ Care spines. Travel story ‘Soviet days. Memoir “Diary ekatturera.

Sufia Kamal has received more than 50 awards. The Bengali Academy, awarded, Rokeya Award, National Poetry Award, the Medal of Independence Day.

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