Will be allowed to import half a million tonnes of salt

Save the skin of sacrificial animals and to increase the market supply of salt and a half million tons of crude salt is going to allow the government to import. The Ministry of Industry has already recommended. Ministry of Commerce is expected to be approved next week.
Commerce Hedayetullah Al Mamun, the first light at the end of the season now import salt farmers will not be affected. For this reason, the thought of being allowed to import.
Banned the import of edible salt in the country. The Ministry of Commerce is allowed to import the shortfall in production. Salt has been produced in accordance with the demand this year. Bacharajurei crude salt prices were high. As a result, the price of salt increased greatly in the retail market.
Referring to satisfy the needs of one and a half million tons of edible salt is salt, marketing companies, the need to import four million tons of salt. Otherwise, the market will not be normal. They also demanded production capacity and allowing the import.

Rs 34-35 per kg in the market now vacuum ibhaporesana the refined salt, refined salt mechanical methods Rs 3032 and Rs 2022 per kg of salt being sold. Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), as the price of salt is now 8 percent higher than a year earlier.
Labananitira the final draft of the new fiscal year for the period 201620 201516 8 thousand tons of crude salt, demand has been estimated at 16 million. The demand for the current fiscal year has been estimated at 201617 tonnes to 16 lakh 61 thousand. Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC), as the season has produced 15 lakh 55 thousand tons of salt, which is 73 million tonnes more than the previous year. However, less than a goal. Last season, 18 million tons of industrial salt production goals.
Refines companies, according to the market per sack (75 kg) of crude salt prices are around Rs 800, Rs 400, which is usually below. The production cost so much less than the demand for the companies to be blamed.
TCB was not acceptable estimates the demand for salt production and the owner of the pleasure of the East Salt Kanti Saha said first light, at least two million tons to 16 million tons of crude salt production of salt is needed. Because, on average, 30 percent of salt production shortfall (loss process) is. The deficit has been estimated at 10 percent labananitite.
The salt is mainly imported from India. Amadanikarakera the 9 per cent import duty and tax costs to enter the factory after 4 and a half rupees per kg. Countries around Rs 11 per kg, now the price of crude salt.
September 6 last year, the Ministry of Commerce allowed to import one million tons of salt. The two-day, 35 million tons of salt, 45 people had opened letters of credit importer. The government did not open any new credit. Later, at a rate equal to importers, leave the two thousand tons of salt are allowed to import.
According to the companies, thus allowing the import of salt and salt mills stop imports sold in the local market. Large companies purchased at a higher price once the salt is out of the market.
ACI Salt business manager Kamrul Ahsan first light, “his account of a company is how much iodine is with TCB. We want the use of iodine in accordance with the proportion of companies will be allowed to import. “

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